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Fair Ohs:

Fair Ohs began as an punk/garage band mixing blast beats with free jazz noise outbursts. After many shows and press attention from the likes of NME and Dazed the band began to embrace more world influences, claiming to be “like Paul Simon but Punk”. ‘Summer Lake’ (the first song on this ilk) recieved praise from Pitchfork media and many oppurtunites presented themselves. The Debut album ‘everything is dancing’ (Lefse/ Rallye) was released with an accompanying music video from Director Dave Ma (Foals, Bastille, Delphic). The album recieved many positive reviews from the likes of Quietus, Clash, StereoGum, Rocksound and was featured as album of the week in rough trade records. Many shows followed, playing with the likes of women (now vietcong), akron family and ty segall as well as a BBC Maide Vale session . Sophomore record ‘Jungle Cats’ received yet more positive reviews and air play on XFM, BBC 1 and BBC 6. The band promoted the record with shows alongside Metz, Fucked Up, Tune Yards, Beast Milk, Smashing Pumpkins and was added to the roster of Belmont Bookings, Elastic Artists and Rough Trade Publishing. The band have been busy writing the next record and took a brief break from the writing room to play with Burger Records’ soul singer Curtis Harding

High Hopes:

This is my solo project where I explore love of slow soul and RnB.  It sits somewhere between Isley Brothers 'Between the Sheets'  era and Jam and Lewis' Flyte Time period on Tabu records. 'There's Nothing We Can't Fix' was released in 2012 on Suplex Cassettes.

The follow up EP 'you were the future now you're the past' was released in 2014 and recieved positive presses from NME and the like.

The One

The One was a duo between myself and singer Emeson that explored a joint love of the 80s funk/ soul era. In the early days there was a darker edge that straddled the  Chicago house longings of Robert Owens and invited a remix by Legowelt which was released on limited edition 12" vinyl in 2011. Our debut album 'Who Are You?'  was finally released in 2012 with the pre-cursor mini EP (track featured) 'Off the Hook' which was a bit of a homage to our favourite artists like Kashif, Alexander O'Neal, Paul Laurence and Luther Vandross to name but a few.


What have you done, where have you been?

This is the bit where I brag about all my busman's holidays isn't it. Go on then!

Mission statement......

When I was a small boy my parents made an arrangement with our neighbours that I was allowed one hour to practice drums after school. When the hour was up the power was pulled on my makeshift garden shed studio and I was plunged into temporary darkness. In that moment I felt like crying out of frustration at having my drum fun cut so short; but over time it taught me to cherish every moment that I spent sat at the drums. Since then my goal has been to enjoy every music making moment and to stubbornly make sure I only participate in musical situations that excite and make me happy.

Lots of gigging you see; around Europe, America, Canada, London and. UK. Performed and had my music played on the big UK radio stations and probably some European ones. Who knows! I've even slapped the skins on the TV a few times.
You can find out about my current activities at my
Blog. You can even follow me on Twitter and i'll update you with my recent blog posts. And you don't have to worry me writing nonsense every 2 seconds. I'm a lazy blogger so once in a while I'll write a drum-centric but entertaining post that will warm your heart.

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