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Anything that sounds good is good in my opinion. And some times you just need to go to a certain genre to express a certain thing. 

Bill Evans is my favourite jazz pianist and this eery and modal tune is elevated by Paul Motain's nuanced brush work. Motain laid the blueprint for later Evans drummers (Larry Bunker, Marty Morell etc) to expand on. Evans impressionistic piano just sounds perfect to me.

Converge set themselves apart from the crowd when they released jane doe. The mix of odd time signatures, blast beats, Slayer inflenced riff and vocal growls taken from black metal makes this piece of metal core truly a work of art. Drummer Ben Koller is really one of the most interesting metal drummers to me.

I belive Kendrick is the future of music. Having the genius to allow Kamasi Washington, Thundercat and other like minded jazz musicians to shape this record. Mixing the musical old with new and the future to convey his strong political messgae.  

My favourite singer of all time. The best singer that songwriting-production power house Jam and Lewis ever worked with. This is the man that taught me about love with the sound of his voice.... and broke my heart by appearing on Big Brother. 

Bilal and his live band are the best live band i've seen. They take the songs and expand them live to explore all of the hidden goodness that can be found. The rhythm section of Steve McKie and Tone Whitefield is just so perfect and natural. McKie has a way of choosing rhythmic accentuations that shouldn't work but leave you feeling like nothing else could. I think it has a lot to do with him having a producer and knowing what works and what has been overdone. He's not a showy drummer like the ones you expect from the RnB genre but he stokes the fire perfectly and plays just what is needed to make it sound so fresh.  

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